Jean-Vier Tea Towels

Fresh from the South of France, we are truly in love with the line of kitchen towels (often referred to as tea towels) that we just received from Jean Vier. Needless to say, the vibrant colors and patterns bring a welcome brightness to our store during this last bit of winter.

For more than 30 years, Jean Vier has made traditional Basque interior decorations using the same durable fabrics that the peasants of the Basque region favored long ago to outfit themselves and their homes. Made of 100% cotton jacquard, these oversized tea towels (32×23) are beautifully and delicately woven. One of the things I personally like most about them is that they can be machine-washed and dry wonderfully with no need for ironing.

Customers often ask me for advice on hostess gifts and French tea towels are usually one of the first items I suggest – they are unique and usually quite vibrant. They make the perfect gift on their own, but can also be creatively used to wrap a bottle of wine or fresh loaf of bread. We promise your host will adore the bright new addition to their home


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