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CD, Vintage France

Putumayo presents their latest French CD, 'Vintage France.'  Step back in time with...

Details $15.95

Ceramic Herb Box

This charming ceramic vessel is the perfect addition to any French chef's kitchen. ...

Details $26.00

Cocktail Napkins

Perfect for a hostess gift or to entertain your own guests, this set of six cocktail...

Details $28.00

Paris In Love

A pair of scarlet-rimmed coffee cups, two glasses of Bordeaux, light glowing rosily...

Details $16.95

Paris Ritz Hotel Tray

This 5x5 ceramic trinket tray comes boxed & makes a lovely gift.  Perfect for ke...

Details $30.00

Pure Honey Soap

Rich in honey and lanolin, Baudelaire Honey Soaps are gentle on your skin and long l...

Details $16.00