Welcome to our Web Boutique!  In just a few short months, so much has changed for all of us. The way we work, play, socialize, and shop have been turned upside down.  And as we all try to find our new normal, we're desperately missing the old normal, aren't we?  Alas, we move forward one day at a time.

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to navigate our way through the Summer.  Foot traffic in Shirlington Village has changed as a result of Signature Theatre and the AMC theater being closed, so currently, we're only open for in-store shopping Wednesday-Sunday from 12-5pm.  For the safety of everyone, we ask three things:  Bring a mask, sanitize your hands at the door, & respect social distancing. Then please make yourself at home in our store like the good old days.

Le Village Marche has always been a welcome escape from the stress of our lives, so come in anytime you need a taste of France and a few minutes to get lost in the sounds of French music, the scents of lavender, and the products that bring you joy.

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