Rose Champs Candle, 6.5oz

Rose Champs: Brut Rose Champagne, Sugared Rose Petals

6.5oz of fragrant macaron flavor inspired COCOWAX fills a delicately pink colored glass jar. 

The Macaron Collection glass is textured with a soft swirl pattern and colored to match the cookie that served as fragrance and packaging inspiration.

  • Candle Volume: 6.5 ounces
  • Swirl embossed glass container
  • Proprietary coconut wax blend
  • Hand-poured in the United States
  • Sustainable, ecologically-sound, pesticide-free manufacturing
  • No animal testing
  • Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free
  • 100% natural wicks
  • Unparalleled fragrance integrity

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